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Directory Submission Services – Manual or Automated?

Directory Submission Services – Manual or Automated?
If you have an online business then the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the presence of your business is felt across the World Wide Web. This is the first and foremost step of any business entity. In order to make sure that your business reaches out to the masses via the internet the Search Engine Optimization your website is of grave importance. In order to boost Search Engine Optimization ranking many businesses use the most basic SEO technique known as Directory Submission. The process of submitting the online link of your website on several online web directories is called the Directory submission. Directory submission helps create the back links of your website on the web directories which in turn increases the traffic on your website. Through the back links and the increased traffic on your website while searching the Search Engine spiders consider your website to be of importance and hence this consequently improves the Search engine Optimization ranking of your website.
A webmaster can himself submit the URL of the website to the web directory but even the expert SEOs prefer to outsource the Directory Submission services. Two main type of directory submission services are Manual and automated.



Manual Directory Submission Service:
Manual Directory Submission Service refers to the process of manually submitting the URL of your website to the several online web directories one by one. The manual directory submission service takes time but is accurate and is more likely to give the desired results of the improvement in the Search Engine Optimization of your website. There are quite a few benefits of Manual Directory Submission Service:
  • It is less prone to error as humans who manually submit the links to the web directories carefully read and follow the instructions and set of rules followed by the different web directories
  • Manual Directory Submission Services result in the creation of one-way, permanent and better quality backlinks of your website over the internet which immensely boost the Search Engine Optimization ranking of your website
  • For a better SEO ranking it is important to submit the links carefully considering the category of the website. Manual Submission allows you to carefully find the suitable category of your website over several web directories which allows the Search Engine spiders to put your webpage on the top of the search results
Manual Directory Submission Services
Automated Directory Submission allows the software to submit your URL to hundreds of web directories simultaneously. The process may be speedy but may not guarantee the desired results. Automatically submitting the link the software may overlook the category specification or the set of rules followed by the certain web directory, which may adversely affect your website. Such submission is considered as spam by many a search engines and thus are rejected by the search engines. If considered spam, such submission may also be penalized by the search engine.


Importance: Directory Submission Services

Why the Directory Submission Services are important? Directory Submission is the first step towards creating the good quality back links for your web page on the internet. The back links are the key towards the improved SEO of your webpage. These back links are like the road that leads the search engines to your web site. By submitting your website to the web directories the presence of your website is felt by the Search Engines on the World Wide Web.

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