Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Directory Submission

Directory Submission :-
                                          It is the process of website submission where your website is added to the proper category in a searchable manner . This process is the very easiest process which involves only short description and title related to your  website. The main aim of this strategy is to get High Quality Back Links for websites.
More and more directory submission are helpful to get good quality of back links. SubmitEdge promises customers excellent quality back links through this service. Directory Submission improve your site visibility as well as creates a relevant inbound links. It also inhance your site ranking.

There are some list of DIRECTORY SUBMISSION :-

·       Directory Critic: Ultimate Resource for Lists of Directories
·       Kiwidir.Com
·       Polypat.Org
·       Yekey.Com
·       247webdirectory.Com
·       Clayne.Com
·       Directory.Cnjiushang.Com
·       Directory.Campusti.Org
·       Directory.Androsweb.Com
·       Cliford.Info
·       Agaccess.Com
·       A-Directory.Net
·       2roam.Com
·       1abc.Org
·       Directory.Cnjiushang.Com
·       Directory.Campusti.Org
·       Directory.Androsweb.Com

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