Saturday, 16 June 2012

Introduction Of SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

The letters SEO stand for Search Engine Optimizer. It is also called as Search Engine Optimization.. you may get some traffic from people stumbling upon your web site and maybe if you are lucky the search engines will put you into their index so you can show up if someone is willing to search 5, 10, or even a few hundred pages deep into the search engine results. So What can we do to get the search engine traffic to your website?

Search engine traffic to your web site so we can get is through search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Search Engine Marketing is the process of getting your site in front of a surfer who is using a search engine such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN or any one of the smaller search engines. The concept is that when a surfer is using a search engine, they are generally looking to buy goods or a service you may be able to provide. Search engine optimization to control the science and art (code and text on a page) and "off" page (inbound linking, directory listings, domain age and other factors), "page" in an attempt rate is well "organic results.

Search engine optimization methods are usually either "white hat" (honest and straightforward and thus provides a better experience surfer) or "black hat" (the trick to fool the search engines and surfers find the sites which the surfer Haha relevant to look for). Black hat techniques sometimes produce spectacular results, although generally these results are very low.Once a site with black hat techniques is discovered by a search engine, not only does the search engine drop the sites rankings, it can actually ban the web site from ever appearing it its results which can put an online business out of business. Of course not everything in life is black or white and the same is true for search engine optimization techniques. Mean with so much at stake, or black hat SEO techniques will never engage in the gray cross.

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